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Abstracts created by boat trails reflecting the color in the sky
Legend Lake 062008-64-Edit-2legend lake 052513-57Legend Lake 090709 039-EditLegend Lake 091909-85Lake Minnetonka 052818-38-EditLegend Lake 061408-130-Edit-EditLake Minnetonka 080216-152Lake Minnetonka 070318-156Legend Lake 052508-141-Edit-2Lake Minnetonka 070318-158Lake Minnetonka 052818-17Legend Lake 062008-36-Edit-3Lake Minnetonka 052818-13Lake Minnetonka 080216-137Lake Minnetonka 052818-34_MG_1208-Edit-Editlegend lake 070408-17-2Lake Minnetonka 052818-45Legend Lake 080307-29-Edit-2Legend Lake 060108-41-Edit