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A Little About Me

Landscape, Cityscape and Wildlife fine art photography

Photography is my zen. It's my solitude where nothing else matters except for the interaction between me, my camera and where it's pointed.

Fine art, Landscape, wildlife, travel and urban photography is what you will find here in my daily wanderings. I try to have a camera with me at all times as you never know what scenes may come your way.

There are times when photography is spontaneous and other times when it's quite deliberate. My intention is to share my view of the world through images of where I am at the moment whether at home or traveling.

Born and raised in New York City, I've been living in the Minneapolis area since 2011 after spending 17 years in Milwaukee and Southeast Wisconsin. It was there and for the past 25 years I  became immersed in photography. While mostly self-taught, I have studied with fine art and landscape photographers, Larry Datillio and William Neill.

My work has been featured in several galleries in Milwaukee and Minneapolis and have  had numerous images published in landscape and travel magazines. My focus ranges from traditional natural landscapes to urban landscapes and street photography. Since moving to Minneapolis, I  was featured on local public television in a documentary and published book, Capture Minnesota, featuring photography about Minnesota.

Much of my work tends to focus on the natural environment and the mystical presentations that nature provides in its organic blend of light, texture and patterns. My goal is to create an image that heightens the viewer’s senses and emotions and takes them to a place they know or a place they are intrigued to be. When creating images of the natural landscape, morning is my favorite time. The sensation of going from darkness and silence to watching the world come to life as the sun rises is always something I find to be magical and special.

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